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Finding Books

  • Dewey Bears: Finding Nonfiction Books in Your Library, Dewey Decimal (10:25).  Join the fun as Bogey Bear and his friend Fuzby come into a lower elementary school library to get some fun books! Fuzby wants to find an information book -- nonfiction -- so his friend Bogey explains Dewey Decimal Classification in a simple way that even little bears can understand. Melvil Dewey formally copyrighted his method of organizing information on book shelves in 1876 -- 140 years ago.
  • Finding Fiction Books: ABC Order by the Author's Last Name (8:31).  Bogey Bear and his friend Fuzby are back in the library!  They talk to Mr. B about finding fiction books.  It's easy -- even little bears can do it.
  • Fiction Genres (8:31).  Looking for a fun book? Think about the authors you read and enjoyed. Do they have more books you want to try? Think about the type of stories you have enjoyed -- genres, types of fiction. Librarian use a system of genres that connects stories that are related. We keep our groupings broad, because our purpose is to connect readers with more books. We can group books into 6 basic genres.
  • Folk Tales versus Fairy Tales (14:25).  There are different types of stories. Thinking about how different types of stories are the same and how they are different lets us categorize them. We can talk about different types of books as different "genres". This makes funding another fun book easy. We can look for the type(s) of fiction we have enjoyed in the past. Folk tales and fairy tales that are still enjoyed today are hundreds of years old. In this video, we compare and contrast them. This video includes me playing a jazzy guitar version of "When You Wish Upon a Star.
  • Meet Melvil Dewey and Dewey Decimal Classifications (11:14).  Ever wondered who decided to organize libraries? Want to know how nonfiction is shelved? Remember, the Internet and online library catalogs are great for searching, but print resources are important and fun to read too. Though we can search a library's collection with a computer data base, we still have to go find the book on the shelves. Let's have a fun look at the shelving system used by most libraries in the world, Dewey Decimal. It is easy to walk over to the shelves where the information you want is shelved and then look at all the other books about similar or the same topics.

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